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Essex Wasp Control provide a pest control service for bees throughout SG12 postcode area.

Contrary to common belief, no variety of bee is protected under the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981.
However, it is unethical and morally unacceptable to destroy any bee without good enough reason. Only in exceptional circumstances will we destroy bees. For example, swarming honey bees are commonly drawn to the non working part of a chimney, more so if there's existing honeycomb present from previous colonies. Any request to terminate bees in non exceptional circumastances, will be declined.

If a honey bee swarm has settled on a tree or building, exclude the area and don't panic! Honey Bees in a calm natural environment are passive and are unlikey to harm you. It is essential the colony is left alone and not disturbed in any way.

Get your honey bees collected by a qualified bee keeper, contact the Essex or Hertfordshire Bee Keepers Association straightaway at or  

If a honey bee colony has entered a chimney or the fabrication of a building they are likely to take-up residence. In this situation, please contact us as soon as possible to book a survey.

Prior to carrying out any treatment, we will instruct your chimney is sealed off by an accredited builder/roofer, once our work is completed, this is strict condition of appoinment. Failure to comply with this instruction will likely result in wilful contamination of non target bees.

Due to height restrictions, it may necessary to hire a cherry picker with driver from an independent supplier - (click here) In such circumstances we will liaise with the relevant company in order our work be carried out both timely and professionally.

We pride ourselves with referrals, recommendations and a professional approach to pest control management and consider ourselves to be one of the leading bee control companies covering the SG12 area will not be beaten on service.


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