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Honey Bee Relocation Chelmsford

Essex Wasp Control specialise in professional non toxic live removal and relocation of honey bees in Chelmsford ans surrounding villages.

Please be aware, we only deal with honey bees.

The hive is carefully removed by hand and then the surrounding area is thoroughly cleaned to ensure no honey residue or hive structure is left behind. Once removed, the bees are then passed to a professional local beekeeper giving them the best place to thrive in their natural environment.  

This particular way of carrying out live bee removal is the only legal and ethical option to deal with honey bee removal. Outdated pest control methods of using toxic pesticides are now illegal and can land you with a £25,000 fine. Toxic pesticides are not licensed for use on honey bees in the United Kingdom.

Whether your honey bees are in a roof, inside a wall cavity or most commonly a chimney, it's the length of time the bees have been in residence which will determine which tools and methods are used during the procedure. Every single honey bee is removed safely and with minimal disruption to your property.

For situations where honey bees have taken up residence within a chimney or chimney space and the chimney is in use in conjunction with a gas appliance, we would recommend having a qualified gas or HEATAS heating engineer attend and disconnect and decommission your appliance before works are carried out and then to reinstate it afterwards.

Technicians are fully experienced, fully qualified, fully insured and DBS security checked, ensuring you're in safe professional hands at all times.

The methods of non-toxic bee removal complies with the law, protecting you from prosecution, and above all, preserving the environment.

For more information on honey bee removal and relocation in Chelmsford, call us on 0800 612 7035 or contact us online.

Honey Bee Relocation Chelmsford
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