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Old Wasp Nest Removal

Old Wasp Nest Removal

Essex Wasp Control offer a winter wasp nest removal service removing old wasp nests from residential and commercial loft spaces throughout Essex and East Hertfordshire.

Old wasp nests vary in size from melon/football shaped up to very large nests 1-2 meters in diameter and are usually described by our clients as 'a work of art' or something a little more sinister in appearance.

Old wasps nests are removed between January and April. The importance of having an old dead wasp nest removed professionally is it may contain pesticide which has the potential to cause harm to individuals not wearing the correct PPE, also working in an unboarded loft can be dangerous creating a hazard of its own.

Whist carrying out a wasp nest removal any hibernating queens found will be destroyed at no extra cost, hibernation cells are golf ball sized, this is next summer's wasp nest waiting to happen. Destroying the queen in winter gives peace of mind and will save the additional cost of having it destroyed in the summer.

Professionally family run, Essex Wasp Control prides itself with referrals, recommendations and a professional approach to pest control management and consider ourselves to be one of the leading wasp nest removal companies in Essex and will not be beaten on service.

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